Hardy-Flaps Idol's Eye Diamond



Geboren 13. Januar 2007 



Deutscher Jugendchampion
German Youth-Champion

Landesjugendsieger Franken-Oberpfalz 2008
Countryyouthwinner Franken-Oberpfalz 2008
Landessieger Hessen 2008 
Countrywinner Hessen
Bichon Frisé des Jahres 2008
Best Bichon frise in Germany 2008
Deutscher Champion VK
German Champion VK
Deutscher Champion VDH
German Champion VDH



 CH Paray's pure Thrill  Paray's Pantomine  Sterling's Silvermine  
 Prancing full of Cuddles  
 Paray's White Pepper  Paray's Provocative  
 Paray's People are Talking  
Hardy-Flap's Divine Disco Dancer  Chabochon's Cat Walk  Dreams come True Triumph  
 Lovebug's Chabochon el Coro  
 Hardy-Flap's when Thumpets Fade  Petit Ami's Pacemaker  
 Chonfri'sLadymacbeth by Shakespear  





Eltern: parents

                                  Hardy-Flap's Divine Disco Dancer                                         Paray's pure Thrill




Linus erfolgreichster Bichon Frisé des Jahres 2008 VK-Kleinhunde!!!

Linus is most successful Bichon frise from the kennel-Club German 2008



























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